Turn Your Marketing “To do” List Into a “Done” list!

Is Partner Pro Right for You?

Does your marketing and advertising “to do” list grow each month? Does it feel like you just can’t get traction or carve out enough time?

If this is the case, Partner Pro is a good fit for your organization.

Initial Setup

We’ll help you identify key sales & marketing goals, establish a monthly budget, set a monthly standing meeting day/time, and create the action item list to attack for the first month.

1st Month

The Pro Management team will get to work completing the tasks we’ve identified as the most critical for sales success. As tasks are completed, you’ll be notified so you can make use of your new assets.

Ongoing Monthly Work

Each month, we’ll review the past month’s work and present, get approval on work for the upcoming month. and once again get to work turning your “to do” list into a “done” list.

The smart way to work through your marketing & advertising tasks!

Month-by-month, we’ll continue to move you closer to your marketing and sales goals, while continuously providing you with expert guidance backed by auto industry marketing professionals. If at any point you wish to cancel, simply let us know and your next month will be the final billable month.

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